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Raise Your Game

In this unique film launched to coincide with the 2021 European Football Championships, England manager Gareth Southgate has teamed up with YouTube Creators ChrisMD, Yung Filly, StuntPegg and SV2 to look at key questions, affecting the nation and the game. They’re going to investigate the issues of mental health, racial inclusion and women’s role in football, through the lens of Gareth’s personal story, experiences and knowledge

We will hear about the incredible highs and the devastating lows of the England manager’s journey, alongside the personal stories of our Creators, as they tackle the issues closest to them. The collective journey culminates in an epic 5 a side match, under the lights and gaze of the England manager at St George’s Park, the national team’s HQ. Can any of them make a last minute bid to make Gareth England squad for the Euros?

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