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Londoner Troy is very different to the average illusionist. While other magicians are busy pulling rabbits from top hats, sawing women in half and playing with cups and balls, Troy is more likely to be found wowing crowds at his hairdressers, bar and shop where he works with his own blend of close-up magic and cheeky tricks. Mixing urban style with streetwise patter Troy looks set to shake up the world of magic.
Illusionist Troy showcases his skills by performing incredible stunts in front of the baffled eyes of the unsuspecting public. Each episode will feature a mix of studio close-up magic, street magic and concludes with one spectacular stunt.
Beautifully shot with contemporary music to reflect Troy’s personality this brand new series will make the everyday feel extraordinary.
At times utilising undercover filming Troy will enthral and amaze all he encounters- many won’t even realise that he’s a magician. Combining their genuine reaction with his witty and charismatic presentational style, these illusions will draw from Troy’s own life offering an insight into his influences, background and character. From playing on people’s prejudices to paying back figures of authority many of Troy’s tricks will have a social purpose with Troy getting under people’s skin without even knowing they are taking part in a magic trick.
Each episode builds to one epic large illusion but because Troy’s abilities mean that he can perform anytime, anywhere and with anything so the series will combine elements of street magic there’s sure to be a host of surprises and unforgettable moments



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