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Stacey Dooley: Face to Face with the Arms Dealers

Stacey Dooley meets an Arms Dealing family in the USA who supply more than 100 countries with high-grade weapons. She gets a rare glimpse into this strange world – hanging out with the mum who sells all kinds of arms from grenade launchers to sniper rifles, and her son who makes thousands of bullets for the weapons his mum sells. Stacey finds out which countries can and can’t buy international arms, and sees how deals are made in this most secretive business, which kits out armies, law enforcement agencies, private security companies and individuals. She goes inside a gun factory to see how weapons are made, checks out the latest in guns with facial recognition, loads a bullet case with gunpowder and learns to shoot one of the world’s most powerful sniper rifles. While she questions the morality of this unusual career choice, and worries about guns falling into the wrong hands, she discovers these Arms Dealers have their own code of honour and set of ethics.

So - are the weapons they deal protecting us – or killing us?


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