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I’ve Got Something to Tell You

Hosted by Amanda Holden

What if you could be invisible for the day? What if you could eavesdrop on people’s conversations as they bare their souls? Reflect on their past? Confess secrets for the very first time?

Well now you can...

Hosted by Amanda Holden, I’ve Got Something to Tell You is a brand new TV show which shines a light on relationships in Britain and eavesdrops on intimate conversations between loved ones & friends, often with a surprise revelation at their heart.

The programme is set in a purpose-built contemporary tea room in Hertfordshire which has been rigged with cameras, where we watch ordinary people with extraordinary stories chat over tea, cake & bubbles. Unbeknownst to some of the guests, the conversation often includes a confession, a revelation or a surprise: “I’m gay”; “The reason I gave you up for adoption is….”; “Will you marry me?”...
Each episode features stories that elicit a range of emotions – tear-jerking, funny, uplifting, shocking, sad, warm & bewildering.
These admissions are part of a wider journey of discovery - in the modern world where we are obsessed with our devices, how often do we really sit down & talk to one another? If we did this more, who knows what we might discover?


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