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John Lennon

Let Me Take You Down Synopsis

John Lennon was a global icon, a creative genius torn down in his prime.

Lennon’s murder by Mark David Chapman was a pivotal moment in popular culture. No more Lennon meant a much hoped for Beatles reunion would never materialize. And no more Beatles meant, for many, no more music.

40 years on from the untimely death of this music megastar, this is the story of Lennon’s murder, it’s global impact, and the many lessons we can still learn from this tragedy.

Let Me Take You Down interweaves the lives of the legendary former Beatle, with that of his infamous killer, Chapman.

Over the course of  the documentary we offer an incisive exploration into the power of Lennon’s celebrity, his life, career, and the events surrounding his death, while investigating the mind and motives of the man who would come to take his life on the 8th December 1980.

At the heart of our story are over 82 hours of compelling audio of Mark David Chapman in conversation with journalist Jack Jones, recorded over a 30 year period.

These remarkable tapes offer a privileged insight into why and how Lennon came to die at Chapman’s hands. These powerful tapes illustrate the evolution of his thoughts and feelings surrounding his shocking act of violence, from blame and denial, to acceptance and remorse.

Alongside these tapes we feature brand new interviews with leading experts and those closest to Lennon and Chapman. From Bob Gruen, the legendary rock photographer who captured the iconic ‘New York City t-shirt’ photos of Lennon, to Chapman’s wife, Gloria Abe.

What’s more, we’ll delve into Jones’ personal archive, including 30 years of recorded interviews, personal correspondence, unseen photographs and psychological evaluations, providing colour and depth to our story.

Knitted together with dynamic reconstruction and alluring archive of Lennon’s life and career, join us as we celebrate a music icon, while getting to the root of his murderer’s fatal obsession.

Lennon was a superstar who changed the world with his timeless music and radical, forward-thinking outspokenness.

Chapman was an isolated, deeply narcissistic figure who grew up in the gargantuan shadow of Lennon’s fame.

And then one fateful day, Chapman too changed the world forever.

Let Me Take You Down: John Lennon Teaser from ZigZag Development on Vimeo.

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