Denis Karam - Head of Archives

After a long spell with a Swiss based company as Int. TV Marketing and Advertising Manager on the F1 sponsorship and the company’s product placements until 2004 as well as a short spell with a few Indie production companies as a researcher and an AP, Denis joined Zig Zag productions in 2005 as an archivist and a few years later became an Archive Producer / Head of Archives. In 2012 Denis was honoured with the FOCAL International Award for the Best Archivist of the Year. Also, he is part of the Training Committee at the Federation of Commercial Audio-Visual Libraries in London as well as an occasional archive expert guest speaker and panellist at Westminster University, FOCAL Annual Footage Training Week and Broadcast TECH events.

For any Zig Zag Archive clip sales or any other archive matters contact Denis on [email protected] 


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