Dawn Porter Goes Lesbian / Gets a New Man

Show 1: Never one to shy away from exploring her sexuality, Dawn is about to immerse herself into the world of lesbians and embark on a journey to find exactly what they get up to, what makes them tick and ultimately whether she can bring herself to have and enjoy a real lesbian relationship.

Show 2: Dawn looks on the bright side. She sees the best in people, her favourite colour is pink, the glass is half full, the toast lands butter side up….. But she is about to immerse herself in the very darkest elements of humanity…… From death metal to violent computer games, from occult-esque internet chat rooms to unregulated ‘ultimate fighting’.

And as Dawn consumes a wall to wall diet of doom, gloom, death, destruction and violence – our team of medical & physiological experts will be monitoring her mood, aggression and stress levels.