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Olympics Most Amazing Moments

Join Richard Bacon and Olympic medal hurdler Colin Jackson as they countdown the top 50 sublime, ridiculous and agonizing moments from the modern Olympic Games. Relive, and witness for the first time, the most diverse range of human interest stories told though the universal language of sport. From heart-warming stories like Kelly Holmes winning two gold medals at the age of 34 and Steve Redgrave’s remarkable five gold medal haul from successive games, to the inconsolable Derek Redmond being carried across the finish line by his father.  There is even room for Eric 'The Eel' Moussambani' who swam the slowest heat in Olympic history, plus a visit to a group of ex-Olympians all living happily together in a retirement home.


These moments are replayed with reflections from some of Britain’s greatest ever Olympians, intercut with some witty ponderings from great comedians. Whether you laugh, cry or suffer sudden shock, Olympics’ Most Amazing Moments will test your emotions to the limit!


Featuring: Kelly Holmes, Sharon Davies, Sally Gunnell, Chris Boardman, Iwan Thomas, Ade Adepitan, Dean Macey, Kelly Sotherton, Christian O’Connell, Ricky Norwood and Will Best.


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